Russian Deputy Prime Minister: Three coVID-19 vaccines are expected to go into production this year

June 13, Russia’s deputy prime Minister in charge of social policy Affairs Golikova 13 told local media in Moscow, Russian research institutions developed three new coVID-19 vaccines are expected to be registered and put into production in the corresponding institutions in Russia this year.

Russia’s National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of Gamaliya is conducting clinical trials of coVID-19 vaccines with the 48th Central Scientific Research Institute under the Russian Ministry of Defense, TASS reported Wednesday.
The trial is scheduled to end in August, and if all goes well, the vaccine will be registered at Russian state institutions in August and put into production in September.

If all goes well, the vaccine will be registered in September and put into production later this year, Golikova said.

Clinical trials of the coVID-19 vaccine at the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccine and Serology, part of the Federal Agency for Biomedical Sciences, are scheduled from September to December this year, and if the results meet the design requirements, “the vaccine will be registered in December and put into production the same month,” Golikova said.

Russia has confirmed 8706 new cases in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 520,029, the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters said Thursday.
114 new deaths, a total of 6,829;
A total of 5271 new cases were cured, and 274,641 cases were cured.

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