Several clusters of the mutated virus have been detected in France and the authorities are stepping up their response

French authorities confirmed Monday that several cases of the mutant novel coronavirus infection have been found, and are stepping up efforts to cut the chain of transmission as soon as possible.

French health minister Velan said the same day, French health authorities have found several cases of the mutation virus cluster infection in France, is stepping up the tracking.
He said he was particularly concerned about clusters of the mutated virus in the southern French city of Marseille, and that tests for the virus were still under way.
Whelan did not give details of other cases of cluster infection with the mutated virus.

Clusters of the mutated virus in Marseille are causing concern.
A recent family cluster infection has been identified as a cluster of mutated viruses.
Marseille Mayor Payan said on the evening of the 10th, the cluster of infection of at least 8 people diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection.

Officials in Marseille said there were still about 20 patients in the group who had tested positive for the virus and were awaiting the results of genetic sequencing, and that the number of confirmed cases of the mutated virus was likely to rise.
Payan said “every minute is of the essence” and that an immediate response was needed to make every effort to track, test and urgently isolate all potential carriers of the mutated virus.

The city government of Marseille has dispatched staff to the homes of patients with the confirmed infection variant novel coronavirus to collect surface samples and treat wastewater, while testing for the novel coronavirus has been carried out on nearby residents.

In addition, sporadic cases of mutant novel coronavirus were recently found in the Greater Paris region and the Haute-Alpes province.
The French health ministry said it planned to launch a national survey to determine how fast the mutated virus is spreading in France and to get an initial idea of the route of transmission.

French health experts have expressed concern about the current spread of the mutated virus, noting that failure to slow the spread of the mutated virus could lead to more confirmed cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths.

According to the latest official outbreak data, 15944 new cases were confirmed in France on Thursday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 2783,256.
France now has 67,750 CoviD-19 deaths, with 151 new deaths.

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