Suffered from knee joint osteoarthritis how to do?

As the saying goes, “The roots of trees wither before they grow old; the legs of people wither before they grow old.”
Knee joint disease is one of the main causes of leg function decline in middle-aged and elderly people, especially knee joint osteoarthritis.
Latest data show that the prevalence of knee osteoarthritis in China is 8.1 percent, and about 120 million people suffer from knee osteoarthritis pain nationwide.

At the same time, the disease has obvious regional differences.
Guizhou province has a high incidence of knee osteoarthritis due to the relatively humid environment all year round and the majority of rural population engaged in medium and heavy physical labor.

Tang Bensen, director of the joint surgery department of Guizhou Orthopaedic Hospital, said that patients with early symptoms, joints in the changing weather, cold uncomfortable.
At this time, conservative treatment is more appropriate, adjust the lifestyle and exercise style, reduce the weight of the knee joint and excessive high-intensity activities, such as climbing stairs, lifting heavy objects, etc.
In the middle of joint pain, swelling and so on, walking will be painful.
Medical treatment is required, including oral drugs, topical drugs and intraarticular injections.
In the late stage, if the pain is obvious and does not relieve after rest, surgical treatment should be considered.

Tang said patients with advanced and severe osteoarthritis of the knee often need a knee replacement, or “knee replacement.”
However, the treatment is expensive.
With the continuous development of scientific level and medical technology, “knee-preserving” therapy is a highly recommended treatment method in the medical field.
That is, under the condition of permissible, as far as possible to retain the normal ligament and cartilage of the knee joint, for the pathological site of the knee joint to take accurate treatment, so that both the treatment of the knee joint disease, and maximize the retention of the patient’s normal knee joint organization and function, and the cost is less.

Director Tang Benson told reporters that the original intention of “knee-preserving” treatment is to preserve normal knee tissue, remove the disordered knee, and achieve precision treatment.
The knee must be “original” good.
Therefore, when the knee pain occurs, the pain gets worse when going up and down the stairs, gets better after rest, and the knee varus deformity occurs, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible, and follow the principle of early detection and early treatment, so as to achieve the best treatment effect.

It is worth mentioning that, as a key discipline of Guizhou Orthopaedic Hospital and a key construction specialty of Guizhou Province, the Department of Arthroplasty currently carries out various knee preservation treatment methods such as high osteotomy on osteotomy platform, implantation of absorbable gasket, π plate internal fixation, fibula resection and uneven settlement, and knee joint monocondylar replacement.
To a large extent, it can relieve the patients in the knee osteoarthritis and other lesions brought by the trouble, improve the quality of life of patients.

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