That’s where the virus leaked in 19 years?

“Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory” and “Hill” have been among the top hot style trending terms on China’s Twitter-like Weibo for two consecutive days.
The buzz was sparked by a post titled “Sorry, we played an evil role in the Covid-19 outbreak.”
The author of the post, “@Samantha Hill,” described himself as an “Indian American who fled the U.S.” and had worked for a time at the Fort Detrick biology lab, where he was well aware of the novel coronavirus that was being created and leaked.
Hill’s Revelations have yet to be confirmed, but behind the heated debate is a question on the minds of Chinese Internet users and some in the United States: What exactly did the Fort Detrick lab do?
Was it really the “evil character” of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the whistleblower claimed?

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases is located at Fort Detrick, Maryland, an hour’s drive from the U.S. Army Medical Command in Washington, D.C. The U.S. Army’s only P4 laboratory is located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.
The lab was founded in 1942, spurred on by news that the Japanese were waging germ warfare in China, and the U.S. military decided to develop biological weapons in secret.
It soon became what the US media called “the centre of the US government’s darkest experiments”.
It is operated by the CIA, develops drugs for mind control, produces poisons to kill foreign dignitaries, and so on.
After it was converted to “peaceful use” in the 1970s, the lab continued to focus on “developing means to control deadly microorganisms.”
The lab is said to be stocked with 67 high-risk pathogens, each of which sounds like a scalp tingle.

In the long, revealing post that broke her Twitter account, Samantha Hill began by highlighting her former status as an insider at the Fort Detrick lab.
“My boss and I know all about Novel Coronavirus……,” says Hill, who started working at the lab after graduation.
After his boss is killed, Hill, who escapes the lab, decides to “pull himself together and tell the truth.”
By Hill’s account, in 2015, Dr. Baric, Hill’s supervisor and the leader of a research group at the Fort Detrick lab, synthesized the novel coronavirus that is the cause of the current global pandemic from a gene fragment found in China;
In May 2019, Novel Coronavirus leaked from a laboratory leak and began to circulate in the United States along with pandemic influenza;
The novel coronavirus was discovered by China’s epidemic prevention authorities in December 2019, when an infected sailor accidentally sealed the virus in seafood and illegally shipped it to a seafood market in Wuhan.
Almost all of the institutions, people, and points of events that Hill addresses in this self-presentation are realistic.

But Hill’s post has also been found to have some problems.
One is Hill’s claim that his mentor, Professor Plummer, was assassinated on a flight from Kenya to China because he chose to work with the country to stop the spread of the disease.
Other colleagues who knew the truth have been “killed or disappeared” in recent months.
Plummer’s family is said to have been asked to confirm that he was dead, also in Kenya, but of a heart attack, not murder.

The second is that the post was originally published on August 11 last year.
It was initially posted on Facebook by a newly signed account, “Samantha Hill,” but it didn’t get much attention.
It was then reposted on social media such as Twitter and China’s microblogging service Weibo, where it went viral.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Hill’s leak is true, or whether the whistleblower actually exists.
But the government’s cover-up of a possible virus leak at the Fort Detrick Bio Lab is true.

As early as last March, a petition on the White House website demanded that the government reveal the real reason for the sudden shutdown of the Fort Detrick lab in July 2019, to clarify whether the lab was a Novel Coronavirus research unit and whether there was avirus leak.
But so far, the US side has not made any positive response or explanation.
At the time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the closure of the Fort Detrick biological laboratory rather abruptly, causing a sense of haste.
The CDC cited “mechanical failures and leaks in the laboratory’s wastewater treatment system,” while stressing that the leaks “occurred in the laboratory and did not leak to the outside.”

“Coincidentally,” shortly after the closure of the Fort Detrick lab, there was an inexplicable outbreak of “e-cigarette disease” — lung damage related to e-cigarettes or aerosolized products — in the nearby area, with the number of cases peaking in September 2019.
In October of that year, a U.S. medical facility took a closer look at some of the so-called “e-cigarette cases” in the area around Fort Detrick and found lung damage was more likely to be “caused by exposure to toxic chemicals” than from e-cigarettes.

CNN reporter 20 foreign ministry regular press conference on “fort detrick, base and biological laboratories” and related topics on microblogging hot search questions, according to “China’s position is, no matter what conclusion who expert survey in wuhan, as long as they don’t go to the United States similar investigation, and the conclusion are partial in wuhan and pointless?”

Spokeswoman Hua Chunying asked, “When has China’s official statement ever had the same understanding as yours?”
She stressed that China’s position has always been that tracing the origin of the virus is a very serious scientific issue, which must be left to scientists and medical experts to conduct serious scientific investigation and study, and then draw conclusions so that we can have a better scientific understanding of the new virus and better respond to similar public health crises in the future.

On Fort Detrick, Hua Chunying said that we are very curious about why the US media did not investigate the issue of the Fort Detrick biological base in June and July of this year, and why the US did not delete relevant reports on the “e-cigarette white lung” epidemic.
When the international community repeatedly asked the United States to explain the Fort Detrick biological base, why has the United States remained silent and no one has come out to explain?
There’s a question mark in your mind that needs an answer.
The answer should not be given by China, but by the US itself.

Hua stressed that there was no intention to mislead people’s judgment or the work of the WHO panel.
China has been firmly supporting the work of the WHO and providing close and strong cooperation.
We hope that other countries will give WHO the same firm support and necessary help.

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