The activated immune cells are so powerful!

The new crown virus has swept the world and brought countless disasters to mankind. When people were still immersed in the fear of harm from the new crown, a recent news broke that surprised people.

The British Journal of Haematology reported: A 61-year-old man suffering from advanced lymphoma, after being diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, most of the tumors in his body disappeared, and his new coronary pneumonia also miraculously improved !

It is difficult for scientists to guess the reason. The mainstream view is that it is because of the new coronary pneumonia that the patient’s immune system is activated, and the immune cells are restarted, which not only effectively kills the virus, but also treats cancer cells by the way. Also killed.

  1. An unexpected surprise, 90% of cancer cells in the body are eliminated
    That’s what happened. The man had previously suffered from severe renal failure. During the treatment in the hospital, the man suddenly became thin and had swollen lymph nodes throughout his body. After examination, he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a malignant tumor. At this time, he has spread throughout his body. CT photos show that there are terrible cancer cells scattered all over his body.

△ The black part in the picture is cancer cells, which have spread to multiple organs throughout the body

However, to make matters worse, such a vulnerable terminal cancer patient has yet to be tested positive for the new coronavirus. This series of “difficulties” are piled up together. For a 61-year-old man, it is indeed a kind of torment. So after 11 days of hospitalization, the man decided to go home and recuperate. Perhaps he also planned to give up treatment and never received any corticosteroids and immunochemotherapy after returning home. Fate unexpectedly joked with him again, and the results of the review four months later shocked everyone. The results of the PET-CT scan indicated that most of the tumors in his body had disappeared miraculously, the biological indicators related to the tumor had dropped by 90%, and his cancer had healed! Not only that, his new crown test was also negative, and the new crown virus in his body also mysteriously disappeared.

△ The comparison chart is obvious, 90% of the cancer cells in the body have disappeared

  1. The activated immune cells are so powerful
    New coronary pneumonia can even eliminate tumors? It seems so ridiculous, but there are indeed similar incidents in history.

In 1891, William Kohler, an orthopedic surgeon in New York, used “live bacteria” (erysipelas) to treat tumors for a 35-year-old Italian man. With a fever of 41 degrees, the patient’s tumors began to shrink, and the tumors disappeared after two weeks. !

△ William Kohler and his erysipelas test

Since then, Kohler has used the same treatment principles to treat many patients and is considered the first modern cancer immunotherapy trial. In 1910, a patient with cervical cancer in Italy contracted rabies virus and his tumor shrank and subsided. With the increasing number of cases of “fighting with poison”, scientists realized that the virus may be a “helper” to treat and save patients. The development of vaccines is similar. Planting inactivated viruses in the human body for a long time can not only protect against infections with this pathogen, but also improve the protection against other diseases. Nowadays, the emerging “oncolytic virus” also follows this concept. It activates the body’s immune response to tumors by infecting tumors, and has shown positive and effective results in the treatment of melanoma, head and neck cancer and other types of cancer.

  1. Immune cells are very useful, store them early and take precautions
    Why is “fighting with poison” effective? This is mainly because it activates the body’s immune response.

CCTV report: To solve cancer metastasis and recurrence, immune cell missiles generally accurately “fire” tumors

When a virus infects the human body, the body’s immune cells will quickly perform immune surveillance functions, recognize and begin to transmit signals to produce an immune response, such as high fever, redness and swelling, which are all manifestations of the body’s immune response. These immune responses include interferon and other cells. The production of factors, as well as the anti-tumor immune response produced by cytotoxic T cells, natural killer cells (NK cells), and macrophages, leading to the destruction of tumors.

△ The activated immune cells in the body are killing the virus

The human body’s immune cells build up our powerful immune system. In addition to protecting human health, it can also be used to treat a variety of clinical diseases. Immune cell therapy is the anti-cancer “star therapy” that has emerged in recent years and is considered the most effective. Hope to overcome cancer therapy.

But for the human immune system to function, healthy and vigorous immune cells are indispensable. As we age, our immune cells will gradually age and lose their function, leading to a weakened immune system, and diseases will come to our door.

If you can keep them forever while you are young, and then inject them back into the body when needed to exert their effects, improve immunity, resist diseases, and even conquer cancer, it is also a popular “health insurance” method nowadays.

The disappearance of tumors due to the new crown infection does not support the new crown virus as an innovative treatment for cancer, but it reminds us that the human immune system has great potential in fighting tumors, and the immune cells in our body are ” “Invaluable treasure”, I believe that with the continuous development of biomedicine, more secrets about cells will be revealed.

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