The Armenian prime minister was diagnosed with novel coronavirus

Yerevan – Armenian prime minister yasushi pashinyan announced on social media on June 1 that he and his family have been infected with novel coronavirus.

Mr. Pashinyan said he himself tested positive for a novel coronavirus in routine tests, and his family was subsequently confirmed to be infected with a novel coronavirus in subsequent tests.
He said he had no symptoms and was quarantining and continuing to telecommute.

Pashinyan called on the people to be prepared to live with the virus for a long time, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention rules, wear masks in daily life and maintain good hygiene habits.

According to the Armenian news agency, pashniyan may have been infected during a recent dinner out.
A waiter at a restaurant he visited earlier was confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus.

Armenia had previously declared an extension of its state of emergency until June 13, but lifted most of the containment measures to revive its economy.

According to the figures released by the national center for disease control and prevention on June 1, 210 new confirmed cases were reported in Armenia, with a total of 9,402 confirmed, 3,402 cured and 139 dead.

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