The mutated virus, Merkel said, was “the British virus”.

As we all know, in December of 2020, the United Kingdom announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus variant.
The mutant novel coronavirus is an evolved version of the previous one, so while it doesn’t have much of a change in lethality, it is much more contagious.
Influenced by this mutant novel coronavirus, the anti-epidemic situation around the world has become more difficult and dangerous.
As a result, many people are dumping the pot on the UK, just as they dumped the pot on China.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel even referred to the mutated virus as the “British virus,” a phrase that angered the British.

German chancellor publicly calls mutated virus’ British virus’

Who has been most affected by the emergence of the super-infectious novel Coronavirus in the UK?
That must be the countries of Europe.
The whole area of Europe is not big, the communication between each country is more frequent also, for this to novel coronavirus, it is a “excellent” spread place.

Thus, as soon as Britain announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus variant, European countries have announced a ban on flying to Britain, and Britain to keep their distance.
But even if immediate action is taken, it may be too late.
According to experts, the mutant novel coronavirus first appeared in September 2020, so it’s likely that it has already spread.

In the face of this harsh reality, countries have to be vigilant in response.
In response, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that if we did not stop the “British virus”, we could have 10 times as many cases by Easter.

Mrs Merkel’s remarks, aimed at containing the outbreak, have angered many Britons by referring to the mutated virus as “the British virus”.

Britain expresses its displeasure, next time there will be a “German virus”

Merkel, no doubt with geographical discrimination, seems to have caused the virus to mutate in Britain.
But the truth is that nothing stays the same in the world, and viruses are constantly evolving, and that evolution just happened to be discovered in the UK.
To call it a “British virus” by Ms Merkel is to give the misleading impression that it is all Britain’s fault.

If the virus mutates in the UK, it’s a “British virus”, so the next time it mutates in Germany, it’s a “German virus”.

As well as those in Britain, there were voices in Germany.
A conservative German lawmaker said the chancellor’s behavior was inappropriate and impolite, and he believed she would change her language in the future.

In fact, the idea of naming a virus after a region is naive.
The emergence of this virus, which has nothing to do with anyone, is a natural disaster.
Faced with such a global disaster, we need to do more than blame each other, but work together to overcome it.

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