The mutated virus pressed Japan into an emergency “blockade”, and Putin had already begun action

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, countries are in an unprecedented panic, both economically and otherwise, and have been hit very hard.
Although many countries are trying to research COVID-19 vaccine, at present, except China, Russia and the United States, many other countries have no way to research the vaccine.
As the saying goes, far from the water near thirst, the number of infected so many people, just relying on the vaccine of these countries, is unable to recover.

Japan and Britain went into a complete blockade

What’s more, just a few days ago it came out that the variant of novel Coronavirus had been discovered in Britain, which was very bad!
In addition to The UK, three countries in Europe have found this variant. It is worth mentioning that novel coronavirus novel COVID-19 vaccine has no effect on this variant.
Once the mutants start to spread and explode, it will be a disaster.
Now, under the pressure of the mutated virus, Japan has started to “seal off the country” in an emergency. In order to prevent the large-scale outbreak caused by inadequate prevention and control, Both Japan and Britain have started to go into a complete lockdown.

Russia has long been the first to act

Russian President Vladimir Putin was already preparing for the vaccination campaign before Japan went into lockdown, Russia’s Youth Daily reported.
It has to be said that The Russians were very prescient, but although the Japanese did not move ahead, this time their ban was very strict: all first-time foreign visitors were barred from entering Japan.
Before the novel Coronavirus variant went viral, the Japanese government decided to nip it in the bud.

This is certainly the right choice.
It is worth mentioning that Japan has not banned the transportation of people from all countries in this ban. For those countries with good COVID-19 management, it is completely possible to travel to Japan after receiving normal testing.

Japan’s ban is very enlightened

Compared with India’s ban, Japan’s is far more liberal.
However, for entry into Japan from a country or region with a mutation coronavirus, a negative test certificate within 72 hours will be required. Upon entry, the virus will be tested again and quarantined.
Obviously, now the new outbreak has come to the point where open the floodgates, almost all the countries cannot survive, more at a time like this we need to hand in hand to spend the difficulties, and some countries are still not put, prejudice against other nations, wielding the big stick of authoritarianism, sanctions against other countries crazy and depress.
But that would do little more than exacerbate COVID-19’s spread within countries.

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