The President of Brazil announced that his latest novel Coronavirus test was negative

On the morning of the 25th, President Bossonaro announced on his social media that his latest novel Coronavirus test had tested negative.
He did not say when the virus tests were carried out.

After Posting on social media, Bossonaro took his security guards out on a motorcycle again.
After stopping at a shop, Mr Bossonaro was found not wearing a mask in public as required.
The move is subject to a fine of 2,000 reais, or about 2,700 yuan, under local restrictions.

Bossonaro developed symptoms of COVID-19 on the 5th of this month, and tested positive for the virus on the 7th and confirmed the disease.
He then tested positive for novel Coronavirus for two consecutive weeks.
Bossonaro has been quarantined at the presidential palace in the Brazilian capital since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and has been airing his views and comments live on the Internet.
But this week he was caught riding a motorcycle without a mask and talking to street cleaners.

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