The study says the new coronavirus found in the Brazilian Amazon state is more contagious

According to the Brazilian press 2 daily, a researcher from Sao Paulo university and Oxford University in Brazil, the state of Brazil found that the new crown virus, called p.1, has a stronger infection than the common new crown virus.
The article said the researchers ordered the genome of 184 confirmed patients in the city of manaus in the amazon state of manaus to sequencing the genome, and that the virus was 1.4 to 2.2 times higher than the normal new strain. The researchers also said that people who had been infected with new strains could be reinfected by the mutant virus. “Even those who have been infected with the new virus must continue to be cautious. This mutant virus can infect those who have produced new coronary antibodies.” The research man, esther sabino, said.
The article also noted that the researchers were more likely to be infected with the p.1 mutant virus in more than 900 samples of virus samples from the new coronary patients in manaus. But Mr Sarbeno says it is not yet clear whether the disease has more ability to replicate the disease in the body. The researchers also said the disease could first appear in the city of manaus in mid-november 2020.
According to the latest who statistics, the number of confirmed cases in Brazil is ranked third in the world, after the United States and India. The total number of deaths is the second in the world, just below the United States.

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