The US is exporting the virus to the rest of the world

June 18, according to the overseas network news agency reports that the Russian satellite reinforcements, so far the outbreak inflection point does not appear all the time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 2.23 million, accounting for nearly a third more confirmed cases, the overall situation is not optimistic, on the new confirmed cases of 27382 cases, but many countries said it had locked source, that the United States is the world output, finally, the White House today hide not to live had been to pan to other countries or organizations, outbreak of is actually to hide the truth.

Health Canada announced that its most serious outbreak has four provinces, after analysis of confirmed cases of behavior can be known, most of these patients have been to America, returned home after a period of time will be detected infection coronavirus, and among them have been to China accounted for less than 5%, is enough to prove that the United States will be coronavirus spread source, but also directly at the university of Tokyo in Japan institute, said a second wave Japan in March, infectious source is from the United States, behind the outbreak of the global control key lies in the United States.

In addition, the United States will be after the outbreak of coronavirus is out of control, once to pan to other countries, and even call powerful countries in the world, as well as with the epidemic investigation about wuhan, but in the end only Australia is willing to follow the pace of, including European Allies are directly ignore trump, followed by the White House is considered to be notified the world health organization (who) outbreak is not transparent, not in time that led to the outbreak situation is so serious, and then threatened to withdraw from the world health organization, and the expenses used for other purposes in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the United States in more than 200 biological laboratories around the world, in recent period of time was also Russia exposes thoroughly, including site including the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Russian experts said after a study found that nearly a few years the world unknown dangerous cases area, biological laboratory location may have great relationship with the United States, but the United States has always refused to reveal biological laboratory specific research projects, it makes a lot of countries around the world were creepy, and now face the national list conclusive evidence, and how should the United States respond?

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