There are 4 variants of the new crown, is the vaccine still effective?

On January 3, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially announced that on January 2, the CDC found the B.1.1.7 mutant in a throat swab sample from a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia imported from the United Kingdom. The genetic sequences of mutant viruses with a 70% increase in transmission were found to be highly similar.

The mutant virus spread to China? Zhong Nanshan: my country will not have a large-scale epidemic

This is the second case of mutant virus infection in mainland China. According to a research report issued by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on December 30, mainland China reported the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection. The case recently returned to Shanghai by air from the UK and tested positive for the new crown virus on December 14. According to the results of genetic sequencing, it was found that the patient had a mutated virus previously found in the UK.

Based on this, many people are worried that the mutant virus found in the UK has spread to mainland China. (In December 2020, confirmed cases of suspected mutant viruses have been found in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, China.)

Fortunately, according to the current situation, whether it is the virus found in Shanghai or the B.1.1.7 mutant strain found in Guangzhou, although its transmission power is stronger, the patient’s symptoms, severe illness rate, and fatality rate are basically not Changes, and the currently developed vaccines are still effective, most of the diagnostic test reagents are still effective. It is reported that the Shanghai mutant strain was detected by my country’s local nucleic acid reagents.

In addition, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University, also gave a “Dingxin Pill”. According to him, China’s disease control system has systematic monitoring of all virus strains. Cultivation, the neutralization of the virus strain with the current antiviral serum, the binding ability of the neutralizing antibody induced by the vaccine, etc. It can be said that my country has “prepared well” for mutated viruses.

More importantly, my country currently has sufficient effective anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of mutated viruses in the country-CCTV News reported on December 29, 2020 that Zhong Nanshan said in an interview that China has formed effective and strict prevention and control. There may be sporadic cases, but there will be no large-scale epidemics.

There are 4 variants of the new coronavirus? Mutated viruses “invaded” 17 countries!

As a “model student” in the global fight against the epidemic, even mainland China has successively found two confirmed cases of mutant viruses. What is the situation in other countries and regions? According to incomplete statistics, since the United Kingdom announced the discovery of the mutant virus on December 19, at least 19 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, and Australia (including Taiwan, China and Hong Kong) have successively announced the discovery of the mutant virus. By.

It is worth mentioning that although confirmed cases of the mutated virus have been found in many countries, in the words of experts, the new coronavirus has been mutating, but most of the mutations will not lead to an increase in the infectivity of the virus, and sometimes even limit it. Spread, so people don’t have to panic too much.

To this end, on December 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) also officially notified the four major mutations of the new coronavirus since its emergence.

According to the WHO report, the four variants are: the D614G mutation that appeared from the end of January to the beginning of February 2020. This strain will become the main type of new coronavirus spreading globally by June; August to September, Denmark The variant found related to mink, named Cluster 5, is not widely spread; VOC 202012/01 variant found in the UK; N501Y mutation found in South Africa.

In addition, Sumia Swaminatan, the chief scientist of the WHO, also concluded that as far as the current situation is concerned, the mutation rate of the new coronavirus is slower than that of influenza, and despite the changes and mutations in the virus , But it has not been found that the existing therapies, drugs and vaccines have failed.

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