There is increasing evidence that the new coronavirus does not originate in China

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 5th, Oxford University expert Tom Jefferson believes that the new coronavirus may be dormant around the world and activated only when the environmental conditions are suitable. This virus does not originate in China.

Dr. Jefferson, a senior associate professor at the University of Oxford’s Evidence-Based Medicine Center and a visiting professor at the University of Newcastle in the UK, said there is increasing evidence that the new coronavirus existed before the emergence of Asia. Last week, Spanish virologists announced that they found traces of the new coronavirus in wastewater samples collected in March 2019, much earlier than the first time China discovered and reported the virus. Italy also detected the presence of new coronavirus in wastewater samples from the northern cities of Milan and Turin last December. A team of experts from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil detected the new coronavirus in water samples from the sewers of the city of Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Dr. Jefferson believes that many viruses are dormant around the world, and will only be activated when the environmental conditions are appropriate, which also means that they may disappear soon. “Where did SARS-1 go? It just disappeared. So we must consider these things. We need to start studying the ecology of the virus and understand its origin and mutations. We may be seeing a dormant virus activated by environmental conditions. A new case of pneumonia was found on Falkland Island in February this year. Where did the virus come from?” Jefferson said.

“There was a cruise ship from South Georgia Island in the United Kingdom to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. At that time, all passengers were tested for the virus, but on the eighth day, the first confirmed case was found among them. Then the virus is in preparation. Are good foods activated after thawing?” Jefferson said. “Similar incidents also happened during the Spanish flu period. In 1918, about 30% of the population of Western Samoa died of the Spanish flu, and they had no contact with the outside world. “

He said: “The explanation for this is that these viruses are not spreading everywhere, they are here, some conditions have activated them, maybe human density or environmental conditions, which is what we should investigate.” Dr. Jefferson believes that The new coronavirus may spread through the sewer system or public toilets, not just through droplets generated when talking, coughing or sneezing. “We are conducting on-site verification to extract environmental conditions, and the ecological study of viruses is far from enough.”

He said: “A lot of evidence shows that there are a lot of viruses in sewage, and more and more evidence shows that the virus is spread through feces. The 4 degrees of sewage has a high virus concentration and its temperature is the most ideal temperature. The virus can exist stably and possibly Is activated. The temperature of the meat packaging plant is usually 4 degrees.”

“Meat packaging processing plants and isolated virus outbreaks do not correspond to the theory of respiratory transmission and correspond to failure to wash hands correctly,” Jefferson said. “These cases of virus outbreaks need to be properly investigated. Questions should be raised to establish hypotheses that are consistent with the facts , Not the opposite.”

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