Tumor bone metastasis “disease into the bone marrow” can also be treated!

Spinal column is the most common bone metastasis site of malignant tumor. In the inherent impression of many people, if the tumor grows in the spine or transfers to the spine, it is “sick into the bone marrow”. It is unable to return to the sky, and can only be palliated for treatment and sit down for paralysis. However, the spinal tumor team of the spinal degeneration and tumor department of Xi’an Honghui hospital recently completed another complete spinal resection and reconstruction under the leadership of the famous spinal surgery expert and the president of haodingjun of the spine disease hospital. The success of this operation makes the spinal tumor no longer an incurable disease. The vertebral body of the lesion is completely removed during the operation, and the tumor cells are also “destroyed by one net”.
Tumor compression of spinal cord can seriously affect the quality of life
Ms. Liu, 56, sprained carelessly some days ago, and then began to suffer from pain in her back, which could not be relieved. After visiting local municipal hospital, Ms. Liu was diagnosed as a compression fracture of thoracic vertebrae and suggested that bone cement surgery be performed to relieve pain. Because 8 years ago, because of breast cancer has done “right breast cancer total resection”, Ms. Liu knew that the body was special, and then came to Honghui hospital.
After understanding Ms. Liu’s medical history, the spinal cord degeneration on the same day was doubted by Qian Lixiong, deputy chief physician of the oncology department. Liu said that thoracic fracture is likely to be a pathological fracture after metastatic breast cancer. If it were to be, it would not be a problem that cement surgery could solve. ” Qian said that tumor damage spinal cord will cause severe pain, compression of spinal cord disease will also appear paraplegia, seriously affecting the quality of life. Once paraplegia occurs in patients with spinal tumor, not only the sense of the limbs and trunk below the plane of injury is lost and unable to move, but also the incontinence of size and urine will be caused. If the family care is not in place after paralysis, the probability of bedsore, urinary system infection and falling pneumonia will also rise sharply. These complications are often the final cause of death of patients.
Director haodingjun (right) and director of single group (left) performed surgery with 3D microscope
The most complete way to treat spinal tumors by whole resection
In the face of such diseases, the whole spinal resection of tumor segments has gradually become the most thorough surgical method for the treatment of spinal tumors. However, it is also the most risky and challenging operation in today’s surgery. Because of its special anatomical site, it was once considered as a “operation restricted area” for complete resection. The examination showed that the focus of Ms. Liu was limited to the thoracic 10-11 vertebral body, which was one of the best indications for complete resection. The spinal degeneration and tumor department of Honghui hospital discussed that if the tumor vertebral body can be completely removed, Ms. Liu’s prognosis will be very good.
Ms. Liu planned to print 3D prosthesis before operation
Pathological spine
“The” rumen “is packed in the spine. We need to remove the vertebral body of the spinal tumor in whole and then install the artificial spine prosthesis by 3D printing technology, so that the tumor can be completely removed without residual. Because of the operation outside the tumor capsule during the operation, the operation is avoided.” “The director of single group of spinal degeneration and tumor department of Honghui hospital said. It sounds simple, and it’s not easy to operate. There are large vessels in front of the spine, including main arteriovenous and segmental vessels. If there is a slight accident during operation, the patients will have a great life risk; Spinal cord nerve is behind the spine. If the operation is inadvertently damaged or compressed, the nerve symptoms will aggravate or even paralyze. Therefore, to protect the spinal cord and nerve in the spinal canal from being damaged, traditional tumor resection is carried out in small blocks, which has a long operation time and large trauma, and it is easy to cause tumor tissue residue and recurrence“ The technique of holistic resection is very testing the experience and technology of doctors. The injury of spinal cord and large vessels during operation is the stumbling block that prevents the complete removal of the vertebral body with tumor. ” “Said Dan Yuen.
Single Music Group
The operation plan was determined. Under the leadership of vice chairman of orthopedic branch of Chinese Medical Association and President haodingjun of Xi’an Honghui hospital spinal disease hospital, the tumor team composed of single music group director of spinal degeneration and tumor department and Qian Lixiong vice director physician adopted 3D microscope, ultrasonic bone knife The operation was carried out by many high precision equipment and instruments such as neurophysiological monitoring and professional osteotomy tools designed by ourselves. The operation of complete resection and reconstruction of multiple thoracic vertebral metastasis tumors was completed successfully after 6 hours. After operation, Ms. Liu had stable vital signs, good limb activity and good recovery. Light microscopy showed that there was no cancer tissue around the margin of the operation. Ms. Liu was discharged from hospital on June 7. “I thought the rest of the day would be paralyzed at home, and I couldn’t live like a dead man when I thought about it,” she said excitedly when she was discharged
Haodingjun (left 2)
It can be treated as long as it is actively combined with bone metastasis
Like Ms. Liu, many people hear the word “bone metastasis”. The first idea is that it can not be treated. “Cancer cells have been transferred, and no longer how to treat it!” In this regard, director of single group hopes more tumor patients can get out of this misunderstanding. He said that if patients with spinal metastasis paralysis with malignant tumor can recover walking ability through surgical intervention, enhance their confidence in fighting disease and be conducive to further receiving comprehensive tumor treatment including immune targeting, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. From 2016 to now, the Department of spinal degeneration and tumor of Honghui hospital has performed surgical treatment for 410 patients with spinal tumors. With the development of medical technology, the whole spine resection can bring new hope for patients to improve their quality of life and cure tumor. It is hoped that more patients will treat cancer as a chronic disease, especially breast cancer, prostate cancer and other relatively slow growth primary tumors. If bone and spinal metastases are carried out, as long as active treatment is combined, it can improve the quality of life, prolong survival time and reduce local recurrence.
Post operation image of Ms. Liu
At the same time, director of single music group also reminded cancer patients to be alert to neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, because once the spinal metastasis occurs, if not handled, the serious situation may develop to spinal cord compression, even complete paralysis in 2 weeks. Early detection and early treatment, treating tumor as a chronic disease is a major progress in modern tumor diagnosis and treatment.

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