U.S. media: Three “Roosevelt” aircraft carrier tested positive for Novel Coronavirus

Three sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus, the US Navy said Wednesday.
Less than a year ago, the carrier was quarantined in Guam for nearly two months due to a large outbreak.
The Navy said none of the three sailors tested positive for Novel Coronavirus on Monday showed any symptoms, and they and their close contacts are in isolation on the carrier, the report said.
The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt is reported to be operating in the Pacific Ocean.
Last year, when more than 1,000 sailors tested positive for Novel Coronavirus and one died, the outbreak on the carrier was the largest ever to hit the US military.
In the end, the ship’s 4,800 crew disembarked at Guam for a few weeks in isolation.
The report also said the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt conducted a twin-carrier exercise with the USS Nimitz in the Pacific about a week ago.

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