Vitamin C contributes to resistance

Vitamin C the body an essential nutritional elements, and in recent years because of high-fat, high-calorie diet makes people body lack of vitamin C, resulting in a decline in immunity and is also the many businesses promote strong effect of vitamin C and various vitamin C supplements, but not all people need to supplement, need to meet these conditions.

What effect does vitamin C have?

First, strengthen the resistance

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges free radicals to strengthen your body’s defenses and help prevent colds.

Whitening promotes skin repair

After entering the body, vitamin C is synthesized with collagen to help repair the skin and help remove heavy metals from under the skin.

Promote the absorption of elements into the body

You need iron, calcium and folic acid, and taking vitamin C helps your body absorb them.

Who needs to take vitamin C?

I. Pregnant and lactating women

Vitamin C levels drop during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or lack of vitamin C will lead to a lower resistance, easy to lead to cold, and cold is a difficult thing for pregnant and lactating women, so take vitamin C to improve immunity, effectively prevent colds.

People who often smoke

People who smoke consume more vitamin C than the general population, and vitamin C supplements can improve cell resistance, maintain blood vessel elasticity, and clear the toxins brought by nicotine.

People with anemia

Most people with anemia have a deficiency of iron, and the body’s ability to absorb iron from food is not enough. At this time, a lot of vitamin C is needed to promote iron absorption, so people with anemia should take vitamin C pills.

People who exercise intensely

This kind of person perspires much in the daily life, a lot of vitamin C will follow to lose, need timely supplement.

People who work in polluted environment

There are various harmful substances in the polluted environment. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can remove harmful toxins. At this time, the body has enough vitamin C to reduce the damage of harmful substances.

  1. Long-term drug users

Such as aspirin, sleeping pills, contraceptives, blood pressure drugs will let the body vitamin C loss, once the lack of will lead to adverse reactions, so need to supplement vitamin C.

Women with pigmentation

Enough vitamin C can inhibit the production of pigmentation spots, to help the beauty of white skin, pigmentation and the formation of pigmentation women, through vitamin C can be improved.

Generally speaking, the powerful effect of vitamin C is an essential nutrient. Many foods contain vitamin C, which can be supplemented by eating more. However, it should be noted that if sufficient vitamin C is not taken in food, it can be quickly supplemented by taking medicine to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.

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