Where stem cell immune cells can be used

In recent years, the development trend of stem cell and biological immunotherapy has attracted much attention. According to CCTV News, cell therapy is expected to become the third type of medical technology after surgery and drug therapy, and solve many clinical medical problems. The following are 10 most typical cases in the field of cell therapy.


Stem cell therapy saves lives in COVID-19 patients

In 2020, stem cell drugs and treatment technologies will be used to treat COVID-19 patients with severe disease, and all patients will be cured and discharged from hospital. The research team carried out stem cell clinical studies in Beijing, Wuhan and other places, and treated 226 patients with COVID-19 (including 198 patients in critical or severe condition), none of whom died, and all of them were cured and discharged from hospital.


Stem cell technology reincarnates Goddess of Mercy

Chinese scientists made a world-first scientific breakthrough in 2014 by using their own stem cells to repair traumatised endometriums, giving infertile mothers the ability to have children, and now countless healthy babies have been born with the help of the technique.


Stem cell therapy saves diabetic lower limbs

Over the past 20 years, it has been found that mesenchymal stem cells can improve the lower limb ischemia by improving the principle of lower limb microcirculation and thus achieve the purpose of treating diabetes.


Stem cells help rheumatoid arthritis patients recover

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) play an important role in the reconstruction of blood vessels and the repair of cell and tissue damage. With the help of mesenchymal stem cells, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis who suffered for 11 years has recovered and returned to a normal life.


Stem cells bring spring to children with cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy has always been considered as an incurable disease and a deathless cancer that is difficult to crack. However, with the development of regenerative medicine, the research and application of stem cells has provided more opportunities for the further rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, and has become an advanced and effective treatment method, bringing new hope for children with cerebral palsy.


Stem cells help Parkinson’s patients end their ‘shaky lives’

According to a 2018 study in the journal Stem Cell and Development, “the most promising treatment path for Parkinson’s is the use of stem cell therapies to replace dopamine neurons lost during the development of the disease”.

Wang Dongju, a 61-year-old retired woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease, has regained her confidence in her life after two years of treatment with a stem cell transplant.


Immune cell therapy works wonders for leukemia

Cancer is one of the “top killers” threatening human health. People often talk about “cancer” in a dark way. The development of immune cell therapy, which has helped some cancer patients kill their cancer cells and give them a new life, is transforming the lives of an increasing number of cancer patients.


Immune cell therapy regenerates patients with advanced lung cancer

Ms. Guo, who faced amputation for terminal lung cancer, has been battling cancer for six years and finally regained her life with the help of immune cell therapy. Guo’s story also shows the world that cancer is not so terrible, and that immune cell therapy is giving more cancer patients new hope of a cure.


Immune cell therapy restored adolescent girls to normal life

Xiaojia, who is in the flowering age, has experienced 5 major operations and lost two organs in 6 years since she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21. Her life began to slowly fade away, and the new attempt of immune cell therapy gave her a new life.

In the application of immune cell therapy only 5 months later, B-ultrasound examination of Xiaojia liver area and kidney area tumor occupation have been reduced, cellular immunotherapy in her body played a very good effect, until half a year later, the tumor has been significantly reduced, Xiaojia regained vitality and returned to normal life.


NK immune cells can keep healthy and delay aging

Immune cells, as an important cell in the human body, also play a role in the anti-aging of human beings. For example, NK cells can keep the body alive by removing aging and diseased cells, while their loss will lead to human aging and even directly or indirectly lead to various diseases including cancer.

At present, the research of cell therapy is a key development field in the frontier of medicine, which provides hope for the treatment of some difficult diseases. Traditional medicine is often ineffective in the face of some complex diseases, while cell technology, especially stem cell technology, has proved to be effective in many chronic and difficult diseases.

In the future, illness will not be about which drugs to find, but which kind of cells to choose to treat. Cell technology will bring new treatment methods to more diseases and bring more surprises to human health.

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