Which male health issues are most concerned about?

June 21 this year is Father’s Day. On the eve of the arrival of Father’s Day, many media within the United Nations of the China Society for Sex released the “Top Ten Men’s Health Problems Concerned by the Internet” on the 20th in a live broadcast plus expert interpretation. These problems are caused by It is compiled through the search hot word data of search platforms such as Baidu and reflects the most urgent male health needs of netizens. Professor Jiang Hui, president of the Chinese Society of Sexology and an expert in andrology at Peking University Third Hospital, announced the “Top Ten Male Health Problems.”

The “Top Ten Men’s Health Problems Concerned by the Internet” released this time are:

  1. Can men be infertile and cured? Is there any new method of treatment?
  2. What are the symptoms of male infertility?
  3. Men often masturbate, will it cause infertility?
  4. What causes men to be prone to prostatitis?
  5. Why do men ejaculate too fast? What should I do?
  6. What is the normal size of a boy’s Tintin?
  7. Frequent urination, what check should be made to determine chronic prostatitis?
  8. Does circumcision have any effect on sex life?
  9. Can people without erectile dysfunction take Viagra-like drugs to enhance sexual performance? Will it be addictive to eat such drugs?
  10. How to treat a short penis?

In response to these issues, Professor Zhang Xiangsheng, Deng Junhong, Jiang Tao, Li Fubiao, Sun Zhongyi, Yuan Mingzhen, Zhao Lianming and other top male health experts organized by the Chinese Sexual Society conducted an authoritative interpretation of the ten major issues. Wang Run, chairman of the Global Chinese Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine, former chairman of the North American Association of Sexual Medicine, and a tenured professor at the University of Houston in the United States, also participated in the interpretation through the Internet. Conrad Internet Hospital is also one of the organizers of this event.

According to Dai Jican, vice president of the Chinese Sexual Society, in fact men’s health problems are not less than women’s health problems, but few people pay attention. Men at different stages of life face different health problems: those who trouble young men and women have infertility, sexual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS prevention and treatment, hair loss, testicular tumors, etc.; In males, it is generally benign prostatic hyperplasia, and the level of sex hormones begins to decline. Older men are confronted with changes in sexual function and metabolism caused by prostate cancer, androgen decline, and changes in senile psychology and sexual behavior. “It can be said that men’s health needs to be paid attention to throughout the entire life cycle, and there is an urgent need for scientific and authoritative health guidance.” Professor Zhou Huiliang, vice president of the Chinese Sex Society, particularly emphasized the above views.

“Many people are curious about these problems, and even encountered related problems themselves, but on the one hand, they are ashamed to go to the outpatient clinic for diagnosis, on the other hand, they are suffering from the lack of authoritative and professional information, which delays early diagnosis and treatment.” Professor Jiang Hui, president of the Society and director of the Department of Andrology and Human Sperm Bank of Peking University Third Hospital, said that this release and online interpretation are aimed at answering the male health problems that netizens are most concerned about, helping family happiness and personal health.

This release and online interpretation is one of the many explorations of the Chinese sex society in the field of male health. According to Professor Zhang Xiansheng, vice president of the Chinese Sex Society, after the start of the new crown epidemic, in response to the contradiction between the people’s rigid needs for health and the inconvenience of offline medical treatment, the Chinese Sex Society organized experts to explore online scientific popularization and live broadcast free clinics. Let medical experts speak directly about popular science, improve everyone’s scientific understanding of reproductive health, promote quality life, and scientifically nurture.

“From the beginning of the epidemic situation, the Chinese Society of Sexuality has continuously brought timely and accurate sexual health medical knowledge to the people through the Internet, and provided a higher quality of life for people living in homes against the epidemic.” Dai Yutian, executive vice president of the Chinese Society of Sexual Sciences, said During the epidemic, the Chinese Sexual Society turned crises into opportunities, promoted the transition of men’s health from “hold and hold” to “restart and resume,” and shifted the main battlefield from “offline clinics” to “online science”.

“Men’s health is an indispensable part of healthy China. The Chinese Society for Sex will also be dedicated to the research and science of reproductive health, especially men’s health, in China through the exploration of sex science and the creation of sexual concepts and sexual cultural models in line with the current national conditions of China. Popularization makes a greater contribution.” Jiang Hui said.

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