Women appear these 4 symptoms to be alert, the possibility is low estrogen

Estrogen is an umbrella for women throughout their lives, including secondary sexual characteristics, internal environment, and reproductive ability and sexual desire.
Estrogen plays an irreplaceable role in female development and reproduction. It can promote and maintain reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics, participate in endocrine, metabolism and cardio-cerebrovascular system, and affect bone growth and maturity.
But with age, poor lifestyle habits and stress, a woman’s body does not produce enough estrogen, which can lead to a variety of symptoms.

What symptom can female estrogen appear on the low side?

  1. Menstrual disorders

When the female body estrogen is low, the ovarian function declines, the menstrual cycle becomes irregular, sometimes several times a month, sometimes several months to a period, menstrual volume suddenly increased or decreased, vaginal dryness and poor elasticity, vaginal secretions are also reduced.
In addition, low estrogen in the body is also prone to backache and other symptoms, because is in the menopause when the blood estrogen level is low, easy to cause osteoporosis.

2, night sweats,

First exclude excessive tension and room temperature factors, if the night after sweating, nine out of ten is low estrogen, indicating that women are about to menopause.

  1. Poor skin

The reason why women’s skin is smooth, delicate and elastic is mainly due to the estrogen in the body.
But when the estrogen is low, the skin will also be affected, the skin elasticity becomes poor, the skin is dull and dull, prone to allergies and long spots.
If you have the above problems, you need to go to the hospital in time for an examination to see the estrogen content.

  1. Short temper

Estrogen is low when the female mood becomes extremely irritable, often because of a little things and irritable such as thunder, excessive anxiety depression and psychological sensitivity, it is difficult to control the mood.

How to maintain estrogen balance?

  1. Eat more beans or soy products

Women should eat beans or soy products, such as soy bean milk bean curd and dried beans, which contains soy isoflavone, its structure is similar to estrogen, can two-way regulation of estrogen, relieve estrogen shortage problem.

  1. Take more breaks

Before 23 o ‘clock, women must enter a deep sleep and sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day, so as to ensure the normal secretion of various hormones and maintain endocrine stability.
Before going to bed, you can take a bath, soak your feet or listen to music to promote sleep.

  1. Exercise

Women should be less sedentary, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, exercise to the body a little sweat, do not breathe when talking is appropriate.
Through exercise can not only reduce stress, improve cardiopulmonary function, but also regulate endocrine.
In addition, women should learn to reduce pressure, carrying great pressure is easy to cause endocrine disorders, reducing the secretion of estrogen, so we should maintain a peaceful and optimistic attitude towards life, through reading books, short trips or outdoor sports to reasonable emotions.

If women have the above 4 symptoms, they need to go to the hospital for further examination. If necessary, they need to use hormone replacement therapy under the guidance of doctors. Estrogen can not be supplemented at will, so as not to cause endometrial cancer or ovarian cancer.
Women should buy good reputation of skin care products in regular shopping malls, refuse to use health care products containing estrogen or cosmetics, as far as possible not to use the way of oral contraceptives to prevent endocrine disruption.
After the age of 35, women need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination every year. If the body suddenly becomes fat or thin, irritable and easily tired, as well as hair loss and menstrual disorders, they should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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